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Tartufi Magici Atlantide secchi

Strength: Medio/Forte

Truffles Magical

Piu potenti dei Mexicanama oltre a una marcia in più sulla spirutlità

Potenza di Alta Creatività, e vedere le cose dalla giusta prospettiva, Effetti energizanti, Visionistici e illuminanti.


I GRAMMI ACQUISTATI dei Tartufi Magici Hollandia vengono pesati freschi e forniti secchi. Il prodotto fresco ( Tartufi ) una volta essiccato perde rispetto il suo peso  il 66%  questo significa:

ESEMPIO: 10 GRAMMI Freschi equivalgono a 3,7 GRAMMI DI PRODOTTO SECCO. (verrà dat sempre un pò piu abbondante.

Per capire la operazione inversa del 66% è Questa:

Esempio 100 grammi freschi la operazione è:  100:2,7=37,03  infatti 10 grammi è 3,7

Il prodotto secco sarà sempre leggermente piu forte, manterrà la sua stabilità di conservazione, ma soprattutto di capacità attiva del prodotto.

Il prodotto fresco al contrario tende a perdere gia dopo una settimana a e piu passa il tempo piu continua a perdere se non conservato in frizer protetto etc.

Dried at 40° c for 15 hours not only retains all of its properties and preserves the conservation, but also makes it more noble properties ( comes in a vacuum, and it is recommended to keep it in the refrigerator in the lower part, or in a place that is very fresh, fine to its consummation)

Si precisa che perdere il 90 % di liquido (per mantenere potenza e conservazione) non significa perdere il 90% di peso, il peso perso, per via della formula scritta sopra perderà appunto il 66% del suo peso.


Tartufi Magici Atlantide secchi

basically consists in the assumption of truffles on a regular basis, in small quantities. This practice is becoming more and more popular by the day.

Per noi non è una sorpresa perché i potenziali benefici dei Tartufi sono incredibili.

Gli utenti riferiscono che il microdosaggio può influenzare la creatività, la concentrazione e la fiducia.

Ovviamente ormai sai che sono ottimi per evolvere la coscienza e sul piano evolutivo, parlando con il nostro maestro interiore . Ma sapevi che i tartufi  sono anche un’ottima scelta per scopi di microdosaggio?

All’interno tutte le informazioni al riguardo dei Tartufi.

I tartufi spirituali.

A spiritual experience of this type, even if temporary, can be used to understand what we're losing, and how we are autolimitando.
Questa esperienza puo’ dare la forza la carica per trovare il modo di raggiungere lo stato di illuminazione permanente.

have the potential to make us see the good as the bad in all that is around us and in ourselves. But they can also make us feel much more open mind and connected with nature; this may be given by the natural features of the mushrooms.

Molti di coloro che ne fanno uso affermano di sentirsi molto più spirituali dopo l’ingestione di questo allucinogeno, sentendo che il loro ego si miscela all’umiltà, alzando autostima ma nelo stesso tempo equilibrando la compassione.

All’illuminazione si accompagna spesso la riflessione, e nei giorni e nelle settimane successive all’assunzione di Tartufi magici ci si può ritrovare a ponderare le proprie scelte di vita.

Questo concetto può sembrare esageratamente intenso o pretenzioso. Eppure, in tanti affermano di aver preso i tartufi  magici e poi essersi ritrovati con un nuovo senso di apertura mentale, che li ha portati a rimettere in questione e rivalutare altri aspetti della loro vita.

This could mean potentially a change of habits that are harmful to health or the desire to get back in shape and be in good health. Using

Molti di quelli che li hanno presi riferiscono di uno slancio di ispirazione a ricercare e apportare cambiamenti in aspetti della loro vita che in precedenza non avevano preso in considerazione.

Sacred Ceremony “Religious” Spiritual! (What You Get)

The effects also depend on whether depend on the person that is making the experience and the Place and the reasons Intent.

If the experience is of an Evolutionary type Divinico shamanic and not leisure..

Of course, the personality of individuals, their motivations, attitudes, moods, and past experience are important factors in all the experiences.

The interaction of the group appeared insignificant, because the effect is very individual and each individual want to be alone with himself. You have to take into account the importance of the expectations and shamanic knowledge”.

Another important aspect is the diet (fasting before hiring me): light food for two or three days before and fasting for a day help to reduce the nausea in the initial phase of the effects and to allow a high-performance and “laid-back” of the experience.

can be separated into three distinct phases: in the first phase dominated by the physical symptoms of nausea and vomiting (vomiting is rare, as is almost always a strong feeling of nausea); in the second phase predominates the effect peace, relaxing and dreamlike, where creating and plans take shape, while in the third phase begins, called the divine, where the inner teacher starts to tell us the good propsiti for evolutionary change.

You have visions bright, full of colors, characterized by a particular feeling of “lucidity”. of lucid dreaming and introspection, to hear every sound, and remember every thing that happened in the room during the experience. It is at this stage that you can try out the experience of the inner teacher and vision divinica evolutionary healing.In the third stage you have changes in the perspective of the body, with the feeling of being split in two, with the part of themselves that was on the left side of this body.

In all cases, this experience is presented as a state similar to the dream: a state in which a person's experience of reality as an inner world, with a strong introspection. Sometimes you are presented with a feeling of change in the objects, with distortions of perception and sensory, a sense of body expansion into the surrounding environment or an extraordinary change of the senses. All were aware of being in a state of unusual consciousness, but the sense of ego was through the whole experience.

Fantasy increases with the increase of the effects (the interface between the first and second stage), with increased finesse and liveliness: the people felt a particular kind of imagination, where the thoughts are instantly translated into pictures.

Contrary to what is the law around there are no problems on memory, which was crippled in the course of experiences. Or feelings of irritation, anger, shame, guilt or other negative feelings.

I think that the most powerful of the Truffles consists in the feeling of quiet talk with themselves, that is, the kind of internal dialogue where you have the feeling to get the important revelations about their own lives, a sense that is preserved for a long time after the experience.
as the experience progresses, we realize that this fungus has many things to teach us.

Microdose 2 Mesi e mezzo (Cosa Ottieni)

Super Powers and Concentration
It was in this document that dr. Fadiman, famous for the extensive studies in the field of psychedelic research, introduced formally, the term “micro-dosage” in mainstream culture, and recognized the practice as a subset of the use of psychedelic. Her research considered the effects of psilocybin in microdose and in particular, how it seemed to improve concentration as well as attention. The potential improvement in performance approdó quickly within the circles of Silicon Valley: the same plant, once used to put you in contact with the ancient societies with the divine spirits, she was ready to solve some of the biggest problems of the technology industry.
Improvement of mental health
The fundamental reason that has introduced people to the micro-dosage of psilocybin would lie in its potential to reduce the levels of anxiety and depression. While the use of psychedelic aimed at the improvement of mental health is not a particular discovery moderna, a growing amount of research has started to suggest that the micro-dosage could be equally beneficial. Additionally, thanks to this new categorization as a “treatment-of-turn” by the FDA in 2018, the active ingredient in mushrooms has been approved for medicinal use in the United States, and the therapy with psilocybin is now investigated in a growing number of clinical studies. With rates of anxiety and depression in growth at the global level, the introduction of solutions to try to address this problem in a controlled, safe, and legal can be a turning point in the reduction of mental health problems. But what the research says?

A variety of studies on the relationship between micro-dosage of psilocybin, and mental health concluded that the compound actually has long-term positive effects on those suffering from disorders on the mental level. One of the first studies on the potential teRapéutico of the micro-dosage was led by James Fadiman, who has picked up the travel reports of people who are already experienced the intake of the amount of sub-devices of the substance during the period of five years. His research, published in January 2016, has seen an actual positive correlation between the practice of the micro-dosage and the reduction of symptoms associated with depression and anxiety that resisted to common medications.

More recently, in 2018, a study by the University of Bergen on the effects of the micro-dosage has detected a positive result supported by the respondents with concrete effects regarding the improvement of their mental health. Most of the participants have noticed a real improvement in mood, because of the positive effects of the substance that “is often used to counteract the symptoms, especially those arising from conditions of anxiety and depression”, The same results are also related to a study in 2019 concluded that a lower level of stress and depression was found among those who had taken the microdose at similar levels. However, the same study also reported as some of the participants have experienced a slight increase of the neuroses, which shows that although the results seem promising, it is necessary to conduct further research on the substance before you label it as “the panacea for all mental health conditions”.
Increase creative thinking
Increase creative thinking
Another reason that makes people curious in respect of the micro-dosage of mushrooms is the ability to increase the creativity cognitive. With the trend that is gaining popularity in the Silicon Valley by a little bit of time, we now look to use the micro-dosage to help the flexibility of mind, the problem-solving strategies, and creativity in general. This makes the intake of traces of psilocybin, a perspective that is very attractive to the CEO and dependants of the innovation processes in industrial high-pressure technology, as well as those working in creative industries such as musicians, writers, or artists. But what are the research that support this?

Even if the data on the research about the relationship between psilocybin are still rather scarce a series of studies shows the actual power to strengthen creative thinking. In one study, 2018 published in the journal Psychopharmacology, 38 volunteers were tasked to solve a series of problems of creative nature: the results have shown that the micro-dosage of psilocybin has actually increased creativity, especially in terms of convergent thinking and divergent. Also, in the same study by the University of Bergen, which has shown a relationship between micro-dosage and improvement of mood, it was found a relationship between the intake of traces of psilocybin, and the rise of the creative thinking, supporting the belief that the micro-dosage of mushrooms can really help you to think outside the box.
Reduction of symptoms from addiction

Reduction of symptoms from addiction
Another cognitive advantage of the micro-dosage of psilocybin is promising capacity to reduce the behaviors associated with addiction. Addiction is a problem that affects a large part of the population; the substance abuse problems and cost the national health service approximately 36 billions of pounds every year, to find a method to be reliable and safe to curb the habits of dependency would be useful to the society in various ways. Fortunately, even if the research on psilocybin and addiction is preliminary, have been traced connections to the final between the substance and its ability to reduce behaviours of addiction.

In a study by the John Hopkins University School of Medicine, has discovered as many as 80% of the 15 participants, smoking persistent, have been able to abstain from smoking for about 10 months after a treatment of psilocybin. In addition to this promising finding, a further study of the year 2015 in the Journal of Psychopharmacology has also discovered how the administration of treatments based on psilocybin has helped drinkers the most persevering to consume less alcohol. Although we are still far from understanding definitively the relationship between dependence and psilocybin, were laid the foundations promising for a study on psilocybin, fully focused on the wellness of the human body.

Reduction of pain
In addition to the cognitive benefits associated with the micro-dosage, taking in small amounts it can help relieve the pain.

With about 8 million people who suffer from chronic pain in the United Kingdom alone, to find a safe and effective remedy to relieve the pain is becoming more essential than ever before. Fortunately, thanks to the amount of information on the benefits of psychedelics, a large scientific research is focusing mainly on the physical application of substances such as psilocybin.

According to a review of the research Initiative on the psychedelic and health (PHRI), a number of studies have linked the consumption of small amounts of psychedelics to significant reductions and long-lasting of the pain associated with cluster headache, pain in the limbs ghost, tinnitus, and other chronic pain conditions. However, research is much more extensive on the subject should be conducted prior to that psilocybin can be used to relieve the pain in environments which are not clinical.
How it works psilocybin in our brain?

Now that we are in the clear benefits of psilocybin in the microdose and the evidence to support its use, we can delinerare its importance in applications teRapéutiche and practices. But maybe you are still wondering: how is this possible? To understand this, we need to take a look inside our brain, to understand which neurological changes take place when we begin to microdosare the mushrooms. Below, we'll take a look at the main connections, thanks to which small amounts of psilocybin, are able to influence the activity of the brain.

Psilocybin mimics serotonin
One of the reasons why psychedelics like psilocybin and LSD produce a noticeable effect on our neurochemistry (even in small amounts) is given by the fact that they share a structure that is remarkably similar to serotonin. This means that they are able to successfully replicate the effect of the chemical substance, which is significant because the serotonin affects almost everything that makes our mind – from how we process information the way we feel when we wake up in the morning. In addition to influence many of these key functions, the micro-dosage of psychedelics such as mushrooms, it also stimulates the serotonin receptors called 5-HT2A in the prefrontal cortex – and this is significant for two different reasons:

  • Produces the protein ‘Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF)

Don't be put off by the technical name, BDNF is simply a protein that plays a key role in the growth and survival of neurons. Commonly described as the “Miracle-Grow for your brain”, a growth miracle in short, the increase of BDNF stimulates the activity and connections in the brain, and this is probably the reason due to which the micro-dosage of psilocybin is able to open the neural pathways and facilitate the creation of thought.

  • Increases the production of glutamate

Glutamate is a neurotransmitter that plays important roles in the area of cognition, learning and memory. Working closely with the BDNF in ways that have not been widely explored, in a process similar to the protein, glutamate helps to improve the neuro-plasticity and creative thinking.
Decrease of the activity of the DMN

  • Decrease of the activity of the DMN

The ‘Network of the default mode (DMN) is a network of brain regions that are active when humans are busy with mental activities such as self-reflection, daydreaming, or ruminating on the past or on the future. Basically, the DMN is more active when we are in a mental state that is not focused on the present moment. Often, the greater the activity of the DMN, the greater is the ability of our mind to focus on events past and future, dwelling on our problems, and ultimately, making us more unhappy.

When we take psychedelics, even in quantities of sub-perceptual, the activity of the DMN is reduced. This explains in part why the use corrective of psychedelics can help our thoughts to stay focused on the present, reducing at the same time, feelings of depression and anxiety.

Another reason why you think that a reduced activity in the DMN is related to a higher mental and physical wellbeing is its ability to increase the number of states of mental flow. States of flow are states of mind that allow us to immerse ourselves fully in the moment, being present. These mental states help us become more focused on the reality in which we live: due to high levels of serotonin found during these states, are being experiences the typically pleasant. Even if the research on the micro-dosage and on the states of the flow is still limited, the established relation between the psychedelic and the access to this type of mental faculties suggests that the development of this state may be induced by lower doses and more regular.

Ceremony :

Prima Esperienza (diverso per chi ha gia fatto)

Leggero: 15gr

media: 17gr

Forte : 19gr

Fortissima  21gr

it is necessary to take a small dose even after the effects have started to stabilize, a 20/25% of the initial dose will be sufficient (this will be more going over to the calculations of the quantities given above) 

in caso fose la prima volta suddividere quel 25% incluso nelle dosi sopra

Take an maoi is a very good combination, known by few, to have an experience of more spiritual harmonic, balanced, and focused, and clearly stronger

the maoi best route from syria that is present in the shop (use the search at the top to find it), you will find it to cook or already cooked

we keep in mind that if your weight exceeds 70 kg, an increase of 7% for each 10 kg more

you should take into account that those who have already made use of, will tend to increase the dose on the basis of his experience (because your body will already know the active ingredients)


Per questo tartufo è 1,0gr freschi o 0,40 secchi circa è la grammatura ottimale giornaliera da usare, secondo i metodi sotto, però se non hai una bilancia, suddividi all’incirca i pezzettini in parti più e meno uguali.


Microdose per un mese (1 giorno si e 2 no, sono 11 razioni) anche se si consigliano 2 mesi e mezzo che diventano 28 razioni

Sono sufficienti 35 gr. da suddividere in 28 pezzetti (per 2 mesi e mezzo) non è importante che siano precisi. (ma meglio le microdosi in capsula che vanno direttamente all’intestino senza disperdersi che per ora puoi richiedere su whatsapp)

After doing a cycle of 2 months is necessary to have a rest for 3-4 weeks if you want to do another cycle of 2 months

For a better assimilation is recommended not to say obligation on an empty stomach. (good in the morning, then awaiting 2-3 hours, before the first meal)

Please note that The microdose will not prevent you from carrying out your normal daily affairs


This truffle is a dry Product that originally cool it was 66% more. Then 10 grams have become 4,6


  • Start with a dose that matches your experience and favorite effects (light, medium, strong).
  • Chew the truffles, preferably until there is nothing left to chew on. This improves the effect.
  • Once you feel the effects, you must take even a small dose to stabilize.

It is Good to Know that:

Truffles work better on an empty stomach, and if it was observed for 3 days before a power plant
Truffles may also be employed in the form of tea or soup. 8 be careful not to exceed 40°
Use the truffles in a safe and familiar environment.
its peak is added to about 1-3 hours after they are consumed, after 6 hours, the active ingredient is still working
after 7 hours of surface begins to evaporate slowly, while keeping alive the creativity.

  • Never take more of 17gr dried or 20 fresh.
  • Do not use in combination with alcohol, drugs and other medications.
  • Do not use during pregnancy and lactation.
  • Do not leave your home or family environment
  • Do not use under the age of 18.
  • Store the truffles in a dark place between 2°C and 4°C.
  • Use the truffle only for mental health, not for depression.

The Protocol Fadiman (once every 3 days)

The protocol Fadiman takes its name from dr. James Fadiman, who has created this protocol. If you have not yet experience with the micro-dosage, this program is great to start with.

With this protocol, you have to microdosare once every 3 days. The theory behind this is to have 1 day of micro-dosage, 1 transition day and 1 day as “normal” in which you can reflect.

The Stamets Stack is created by one of mycologists, the most famous in the world: Paul Stamets. He had the idea to build a set of more substances. These chemicals are psilocybin (which you can get from the truffle magic), niacin (vitamin B3), and medicinal mushroom lion's Mane. Stamets has discovered that these substances complement and enhance each other in an excellent way.

The program is built with 4 days of micro-dosage and 3 days of rest. During the days of the micro-dosage take to accompany . During the days of rest are okay continue to take the lion's mane, and niacin. A complete cycle takes 4 weeks. Then, hold the psychedelic for 2-4 weeks to recover.


For the products, PLANTS, INCENSE, AND powders PREPARED AT the MOMENT not possible to be made RETURNS or REFUNDS

The terms used in the categories and the tags do not want to suggest to the medicinal use and recreational products, just sort them according to their use of historic, scientific and social.

The recipes are provided as a scientificthey don't want to encourage customers to repeat them, nor to consume the products.

Our content have not been evaluated by the FDA or by any figure of the medical profession: the possible applications, indications, dosing and warnings are described for educational purposes only, speculations and personal, and do not constitute medical advice.

The products are sold as incense, Soaps, Resins and botanical collection, and material scientific research.

They are not intended for human consumption.
To be able to buy our products you must be over 18 years of age and are not suitable for women who are pregnant and/or breastfeeding women.

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