Rapé Veia de Pajé + Aya THE Heart/the Vein of the Shaman

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Rapé Veia de Pajé + Aya Hape Sacro Cerimoniale organico

Nomi popolari : Cipó Jibóia

Chakra: Coronario Cardiaco

Chakra : Cuore.

Intensità: Strong
Benefici e Trattamento: Aiuta a trattare emozioni, sentimenti, ansia, stress, equilibrio, rilassamento mentale e concentrazione.Rapé Veia de Pajé

Noi di Karmarando crediamo profondamente che le coscienze si stiano risvegliando in massa e che la musica, le medicine della foresta e le pratiche orientali siano strumenti in questo processo.Rapé Veia de Pajé

Vivila accompagnata dalla musica .
Sperimenta questa energia di connessione con il Seme di Cristallo.del Veia di Pajé Chiamat anche Veja o Vite de Pajé
Veia de Pajé la vena vite delo sciamano, Polvere Potente Creata dalla Tribù Shawãdawa Kuntanawa che Libera Il Cervello Da Carichi E Blocchi, da paura e vergogna, donando energia, presenza, concentrazione e centratura, espande coscienza e apre il cuore, portando intuiti profondi sul da farsi, attraendo abbondanza e felicità e realizzazione.

cuore del boa constrictor.


Main ingredients : Mapacho,Ashes, Herbs

Powder Powerful That it Frees The Brain From Loads And Blocks, from fear and shame, giving the energy, the presence, concentration and centering, expand consciousness and open the heart, bringing insights deep on things to do, attracting abundance and happiness and fulfillment..Rapé

All our Rapé they are made with the ashes of the bark of the trunk of the tree from which they take their name from the rapè or dried herbs powder, and organic. All of the recipes are made with much love, respect and faith

Specifications Rapé

Benefits and Treatment: Purifying

Them Basic property that all of Our Rapé

  • It helps to clear the mind and stop the inner dialogue
  • It helps to eliminate the phlegm, and the parasites of the frontal sinuses para and nasal
  • Applied on wounds has wound-healing, and antibiotic
  • Asthma
  • Bronchopneumonia
  • Calm
  • Centering
  • Allows you to be present to be able to look beyond their own interpretations
  • Decompresses the pressure of the skull
  • Cleans, sorts and aligns the fields of energy, especially chakras third eye / head: up and down from those through the spinal column
  • It is also a potent analgesic for pain in the head and body
  • It is very effective in the treatment of problems of the respiratory system and the digestive
  • It is very powerful, even in treatments of the digestive system
  • It is soothing and antipyretic
  • Is a Remedy for the visibility of the spirit
  • Remove the excess of phlegm accumulated
  • Eliminates headaches, drowsiness and dizziness
  • Energy care directly fears, anxieties, and other energy related to the solar plexus: if it causes vomiting, it is because the person is eliminating the energy-dense accumulated.
  • Spiritual Evolution
  • Promotes the peristaltic movement of the intestinal
  • Many people take care of their sinusitis and rhinitis with this, making them immune disease of the respiratory system
  • Peace
  • It allows to understand what is meditation on a conscious level
  • Allows you to reach a state of meditation, very deep
  • It cleans all the dirt and grime from years, which is the cause of problems such as sinusitis and migraine
  • Cleaning The Chakras
  • Rooting
  • Relaxation
  • Opportunities In Energy

Medicine power that connects you to the energy of Youshibu (God of Creation).

It works in both spiritual healing and physical.

Should only be used for these purposes, appropriately, in a quiet, peaceful environment and prepared.

How to Apply Rapé ?

With Kuripe that is a fork V to do it by yourself or with Tepi to have it done by someone who while remaining neutral, can give us more benefit in receiving.

It is very important that the person is prepared to receive the spirit of the forest through the Rapé.

You need to have a body that is clean, in a conducive environment and especially with the purpose to consecrate this holy medicine.

Apply the Rapèyou can be Alone, with a partner:

By only using the Kuripe, with a partner, Use The Tepi, in this case, who will apply with the Tepi, it is necessary to have acquired a certain level of preparation, staying neutral and centered, without projecting their moods.

You must then keep posting and simply projecting a lot of love. In any case, it is necessary concentration, a healthy one purpose, an intention, with confidence and faith, and a technique of blowing.

Only in this way, the medicine will have the greatest benefit.

The Rapé must be applied in both nostrils. Each nasal cavity is a current of energy in the body:Better to make always the first through the left nostrilThe left-hand side: The channel of the Moon (receptor – yin).

It gives the power to the emotions in their pure state, freeing deep joy, pure love, compassion, and artistic skills.

It is the feminine side. The typical problems are emotional attachment, depression, low self-esteem, feelings of guilt and apathy.

The right side: The channel of the Sun (the issuer – yang). It gives the power to the rational mind: allows you to learn and gain the strength necessary to overcome the problems by the effort. This is the masculine side. The typical problems are selfish behavior or violent, arrogance and pride.Who receives only one side enters in a process that is still louder than normal; this is because you have not abandoned properly and has refused the Medicine, which is also a refusal to themselves, and the spirit of the Rapé.

The types of puffs : There are many, from the pineal ( puff dry and decided, but for a long time) or more long, lingering.. (you will find the articles in the blog, use the search)

It is important to aim to drink 2 glasses of water before and water during after about 7 minutes from the application, so as to reach to the vomit

The Correct amount you start with a little which must be as big as a pea, but it will tend to increase, reaching the size of a hazelnut shelled, but do not exclude for veterans that is more. This is according to the differences between own body weight, tolerance, metabolism, and personal sensitivity.

  • It is important to listen to the Icaros with headphones to achieve the meditative state without thought and healing.
  • The person who assumes Rapé for the first time must be aware of what it is and what it is doing, taking it with respect and responsibility, which is a holy medicine is very powerful, and the need to respect

Psychologically care of the fears.

An application can bring the subject to test his own shadow, and have access to their phobias more obscure, so that they can be viewed and solved. Countless experiences demonstrate its effectiveness in the treatment of depressions, fears, obsessive, insomnia, and anxiety.

Many people have abandoned the smoking after starting to use the Rapé.

  • Our Rapé are produced using a combination of ground and the ashes of sacred trees with medicinal properties.
  • Our Rapé 100% natural and are free of pesticides and chemicals .
  • The medicinal properties are useful for treating physical and mental disorders
  • Our rapé are made with great respect, dedication, love, and faith.

Go through a process sieving to become extra end up at the tip of the powder, making it easier to get the Rapé spreading and expanding in the most efficient way.

After this process, is energized with stones and crystals and a pyramid, in addition to a period under the lights (color therapy).Its part of the spiritual connection is pretty intense, because the Rapé, passing by our prayers to the sacred (intent) for several days at a time, create with the objective of identifying themselves with the spirit of the plant, and by listening to the needs of the body, thus triggering the process of healing and centering constant.

Our rapé help to increase the force of the centering and the electric current magnetic belonging to the complex system of kundalini/DNA and spiritual purification.

It is a tool of holy medicine source, the astral and the ancestral, guarded with love and handed down by our ancestors, our grandparents of the jungle have used and benefited from this tool/medicine since the beginning of time, and today we reach the memory of the original and renewed for this wonderful gift.

The Rapé, can be prepared with one or more herbal medicines and also minerals, whereas the presence of helps to make the order, integrate and balance our energy and to cleanse the pineal gland, to direct it with a specific purpose.

At the same time, the Rapé opens the door to the spirit and the universe, helping to awaken the purity that is in us.

THE Rapé is the medicine in the air. In one shot we receive the blessing of the Breath of the Wind, universal source of energy, which clear our perception, it clears the mind and opens the channels of higher energy, to connect with the higher part of our being.

Rapé is also a medicine for the vision of the spirit, which helps us to free the mind and to stop the internal dialogue, to be truly present to be able to see beyond our own interpretations.

The history of the people Yawanawá, the producer of other rapè in addition to the TsunuFrom time immemorialthe Yawanawá deal with the source of the river Gregório, a tributary of the river Juruá, in the municipality of Tarauacá, in the state of Acre, in the western Amazon. Come from the branch of linguistic Pano.

Its population today is about 1000 people living in seven villages. They were very numerous in the past. However, many were decimated by the impacts brought by colonization.

Since 1984, after years of slavery, and many battles, regained part of their territories, and the demarcation of the land, with the support of the National Indian Foundation – FUNAI. It was from there that regained their rights of People, pushing away the missionaries from their lands, and by starting the revival of their culture, their language, preserved in the memory of their older relatives.

In contrast to the prohibition earlier, women who today expect the honor and the task of preparing this superb rapèThe Yawanawá ( yawa /white-lipped peccaries from the white lips; Nawa /the people), are a group that belongs to the linguistic family Pano, which today occupies the Indigenous land on the river st. gregory The name ‘Yawanawá’ appears in the historical sources written in various ways: Yawavo or Yauavo, Jawanaua, Yawanaua or Iawanawa.

The form ‘Yawanawá is used here follows the spelling used in school textbooks and in other documents of the paternity indigenous.

The community Yawanawá it is actually a conjunction of persons which includes members of other groups: Shawãdawa (Arara) , Iskunawa (known today as the Shanênawa, who lives in a village near the town of Feijó), Rununawa, Sainawa (generally known as the Yaminawá , living in the region of the river Bagé), and Katukina

This configuration is the result of a dynamic sociological common to many groups Pano

Alliances through marriage, capture of women during the war, the migration of families, and a series of historical contingencies, in particular, those changes caused by the arrival of non - Indians, including epidemics, and alterations in the demographic.

These processes led to the incorporation of people to other people in the past have maintained relations with the Yawanawá.

Among the Yaminawa of the indigenous land of the source of the river Acre, there is a subgroup which also bears the name Yawanawá. However, the Yawanawá on the river Gregório are not aware of this other group of the same name.


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