Ambila Strong Organic Ambil Mapacho with the Rooms of the Monte – Paste

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Ambila Strong – Ambil Natural Organic – Mapacho with Salt of the Mountain (original Recipe) – Paste

>Ambil or Ambila

Ambil Strong Ambila Organic Natural Mapacho with salt plant in the mount

The ambil even today, is still used by the peoples of the Amazon for sacred purposes, to exchange words, and make decisions is of vital importance to the community, is not so much a model for the decision-making process, but an ethics for the decision-making process.

Ambil, mapacho original Recipe
In various cultures , offer ambila is a sign of friendship, rejecting this as a sign of hostility. It is considered a sacred substance that gives life, security, socialize, and provides moral discernment.
The ambil or Ambila in Italian provides thoughts / emotions, “assensi” represents the emergence of the unconscious, fixing it, and integrating it with our consciousness.It is essential to first of rapè as a part and parcel of the same, to have a process more powerful, more relaxed, and more profitable.The words instrumental that we feel allows us to express them and make them our own. In addition, the ambila awakens the person, bringing it to a state of full and vigilant awareness and sensitizes the body in such a way as to recognize the presence of evil threatening by tingling sensations in the back and the skin, or through the fingers of the feet.

The magical spirit is the breath and the word confident that it has every human, demonstrating its value to the community. The word in the language of the uitoto, ambila is yera, which means “behavior” and the suffix -ra “substance”, so for them the ambila means “the substance of behavior.” The concept of Yetárafue ( ye- ‘behaviour’,; - ta- ‘make’; -rafue ‘word’) Means “Word to behave” (or “Word of discipline”) and is the basis for taking care of the family. And given the rigor and discipline necessary for the preparation of Ambila, and to possess and use Ambila is also a sign of adulthood n inhabitant of the amazon.



-For rooted to the ground
-For centering
-Mute your Negative thoughts
-To quit the habit of Smoking/Tobacco use
-Very good before Rapé (Watch in our shop! you will find so many varieties! With a quality price!)
-Excellent along with the Mambè (Available in Our store at a special price!)

Doses and Mode
put paste in the front teeth (the ones below) a ball as big as a pea or larger

Let it absorb naturally with the saliva, by sending down every now and then with eyes closed, and presence while making deep breaths

THE breath is x4 (catch your breath in 4 seconds, hold for 4 seconds, leaving the breath in for 4 seconds hold for 4 seconds, and resume the breath for 4 seconds, and so on.

Ambila and Mambè are great to do together they are a medicine for the body, which helps to expel mucus and parasites from the frontal sinuses and para. Eliminates headaches, stuffy nose, and dizziness, because it decompresses the pressure of the skull. It is also an excellent healing influenza, and natural antibiotic and healing of wounds, especially those that contain sage and lavender.Also, synchronize, align, and amplify the perception, opening up channels of astral crando transition in the ritual. It is also a medicine for the vision of the spirit, which helps us to free the mind and to stop the internal dialogue, to be truly present to be able to see beyond our own interpretations.

This plant is also used as a tool to promote productive conversations between the members of the community and to make decisions that affect the well-being of others.
These traditions that connect us to each other and to the land are what the abuelos, the taitas, the curanderos and shamans of Colombia and South America consider teacher plants, together with the Ayahuasca (Yagé). If used intentionally, these plants connect us with the spiritual realm, open space for self-reflection in our lives and heal.


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      Grazie mille Filppo! è un grande piacere! questo ci aiuta a dare sempre di più!

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