Terms and Conditions

The present document contains the general terms and conditions on the basis of which is offered to the users use of the web site Karmarando that offers Products Enteogeni and Herbal Remedies and Shamanic Spiritual and Sacred.


To allow a full understanding and acceptance of these terms and conditions, the following terms, in the singular and the plural, shall have the meanings indicated below:

°  Owner: EVOTECH IMPORT EXPORT SL, C/ Viejostendereteros 2 – 2”, Puerta,C. F. , VAT CIFB76228329. The activity is subject to on behalf of EVOTECH import export

Application: website Karmarando

User: any person accessing and using the Application

Conditions: this contract regulates the relationship between the Owner and the Users.

Place an order

To order you must be of legal age.
To place an order you must use the “shopping Cart” and fill in the registration form by following the instructions that you are given. The order consists of the overview page, which is accessed after pressing the button “Check order”, which you must print and keep.
The prices indicated on the website are quoted inclusive of taxes unless otherwise signaling, and excluding transport : for the products selected for the purchase or put in the “Basket” is indicated in the unit price, the total amount and the total amount already taxed, expressed in Euro, will send, after the conclusion of the order, an automatic e-mail confirming receipt of order, with the sole purpose of notifying the receipt of the order.

The scope of application of the Conditions

The use of AppIicazione implies acceptance of the Terms by about the User. If the User does not accept the terms and Conditions and/or any other note, the legal notice, privacy or published, or mentioned herein may not use the Application or the related services.

The Conditions can be changed at any time. Any changes will be effective from the time of Ioro publication on the AppIicazione.

Before using the application, the User is required to carefully read the Conditions and to save them or print them out for future reference.

The Owner reserves the right to vary, in its sole discretion, at any time, with the graphic interface of the AppIicazione, Content and Ioro organization, as well as every other aspect that characterizes the features and management of AppIicazione, communicating when the User, where required, the relevant instructions.

License Creative The Commons

The Content and/or the materials available suil AppIicazione are made available on the basis of the terms of this Iicenza Creative Commons Public License CC BY 4.0 EN” (below “License”). The Content and/or the materials available on the AppIicazione are protected by copyright, and from other rights granted by copyright law (related rights, rights to the databases, etc.) and/or other applicable law. Any use of the content and/or the materials available on the Application that is not licensed pursuant to the License and/or other applicable laws is prohibited.

The Owner grants you the rights listed below, provided that you agree to abide by the terms and conditions of the License.

Il Titolare consente all‘Utente di riprodurre, distribuire, comunicare al pubblico, rappresentare, eseguire, recitare, trasformare i Contenuti e/o materiali disponibili sull’AppIicazione con qualsiasi mezzo e formato, per qualsiasi fine, anche commerciale, a condizione che l’Utente riconosca la paternità dell’opera al Titolare e fornisca un link alla licenza e indichi se sono state effettuate delle modifiche. La Licenza integrale è consultabile a questo indirizzo: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/Iegalcode.it

The exclusion of the warranty

The Application is provided on an “as is“ and “as available”, and the Holder does not give any warranty express or implied, in relation t o the Application, nor provides any guarantee that the Application will meet the needs of Users or that it will not have interruptions or be error-free or that it will be free of viruses or bugs.

The Holder will work to ensure that the Application will be available uninterrupted for 24 hours a day, but can in no way be liable if, for any reason, the Application will not be accessible and/or operational at any time or for any period. The access when the AppIicazione may be suspended temporarily and without notice in the case of system failure, maintenance or repair or for reasons unrelated to the will of the Holder, or in the event of force majeure.

Limitation of Liability

The Owner can not be held responsible towards the User, except in case of wilful negligence, for outages or malfunctions related to the use of the internet outside of its control or its suppliers.

The Owner will not be liable for any damages, losses and costs, incurred by you as a result of failure to perform the contract for reasons not attributable to him.

The Owner assumes no responsibility for any fraudulent or illegal use that may be made by third parties of credit cards and other means of payment

The Owner will not be responsible for:

° any loss of business opportunity and any other loss, even indirect, possibly suffered by the User that are not a direct consequence of the breach of the contract by the Owner

or the incorrect or inappropriate use of the Application by Users or third parties

In any case, the Owner will be liable for a sum exceeding the double of the cost paid by you.

Of, or misuse of the products as specified in the Here in the disclaimer found

If the order is blocked for customs issues Karmarando NOT will be able to act if they are not communicated to request the TAX ID or NATIONAL ID indispensable to clear the shipment.

Strength more

The Owner can not be held responsible for non-performance or delay in performance of its obligations due to circumstances outside of the reasonable control of the Owner due to events of force majeure or other unexpected events and unpredictable and, in any case, independent of his will.

The fulfilment of the obligations on the part of the Holder shall be deemed to be suspended for the period in which the occurrence of events of force majeure.

The Owner will do anything in his power to find solutions that will enable the proper performance of its obligations despite the persistence of events (force majeure).

Link sites third parties

The Application may contain links to other websites/third-party applications. The Holder does not exercise any control over them and, therefore, is not in any way responsible for the content of these sites/apps.

Some of these links may refer to websites/third-party applications that provide services through the Application. In these cases, the individual services will be subject to the general conditions for the use of the website/application and for the use of the service operated by third parties, with respect to which the Holder does not assume any responsibility.


The protection and the processing of your personal data will be in compliance ali Privacy policy, which can be consulted in the Here

Law applicable and forum jurisdiction

The Conditions are subject to the Iegge Italian and european written in other languages. 

Please also read the The disclaimer found

For any dispute concerning the application, implementation and interpretation of these terms and Conditions, the competent court of the place in which the Holder.

Date 05/1 0/2020