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Karmarando, a european-based company with a passion that burns for all that care of the soul, calms the mind and purifies the spirit.This story will explain how this began this spiritual awakening, the company only and without any taboo, who, starting from humble beginnings, has evolved rapidly in a strong team and collaborative of 14 devout member transcendental and customer service excellence.

Karmarando from that path of spiritual growth that began 4 years ago, with the help of plants “magic”, that have allowed us to reach a state of deep awareness and expansion of consciousness.

So true and real that they feel like one and want this to be shared with tea and the rest of humanity.

This experience was so exciting that we have heard a refrenabile impulse to help other people like you, who want to embark on a journey of spiritual growth. 

We guarantee the best quality of all products that we have and we believe in our hearts and in our experience that these plants are magical and they can help a lot of people, from farmers to final consumers. There is a spark of love in every package that we send and we are very grateful and proud.

Our project in ethnobotany is only at the beginning, but we started this web site, Karmarando because we believe the spread of sacred instruments such as rapé, the ambil, the Sananga, the Mambè, ayahuasca promoted even in table 1, and all the rest of the power plants and medicines sacred, that you will find in our SHOP can be not only a help, but a true and healthy habit that will help in the awakening general. 

Thank you for making this visit possible!

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Spedizioni Anonime E Sicure

All products can be viewed, selected and shipped discreetly with only one click. The boxes arrive anonymous, without any indication of the contents. And just as the light whispers Of the gods, not to speak of personal information outside of the domain of You can read more about what we do to ensure your privacy here.

Who we are

The team Karmarando has experts in their field and a broad and in-depth on shamanism Spiritual, in the Holistic field and on the substances enteogeni, in power plants, and equipment to be able to use these sacraments and the psychological well-being from which it can take, as well as in the care of the selection of the best products in the world. These people fascinating and intelligent work with incredible efficienzaper guide customers to what they need, doing everything possible to respond to your questions and to ensure a fast shipping for your satisfaction.



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It is not enough just to sell a product. The call of that fateful night has pushed KARMARANDO to offer a complete guide to any of your desire. With the wealth of information contained in our blog, documentation, and updates on social media, you can be sure that our services will go beyond your expectations for a normal sciamanshop online.

Ask a question, leave a comment or extend your thoughts through the naturalspiritual plains cosmic. You will be able to feel that through the soul we are all one so connected!