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How to apply kampos and what happens in a session ?

The seat is held fast in the morning, and after having followed in the days preceding the guidelines given in the section “How do I prepare for a session kampos” (see the following question on this page).
On the day of the application, especially if this is your first experience, it is good to not jam session with other personal commitments or work but spend a day in which to take the time to rest, listen to yourself and give the time to the experience of the sediment.

It is good to get to the seat, bringing with it to wear for the occasion to wear comfortable clothing, not tight, that give the breath in the lower abdomen. The person undergoing the treatment should start drinking until you get to ingest about 2 liters of water, the water should be drunk in the 15 minutes prior to the application in the presence of the facilitator, it is better not to drink before arriving in the place where you will experience the seat, or to keep your normal hydration of the body. Are made of small burns on the skin with a stick of wood to be able to apply the kampos, these “points” are made in the genre on the shoulder or on the calves, the sign remains on the skin until it disappears in about two months.

With the approval of the person treated, the facilitator may also decide to apply the points in other areas of the body, according to the need of the person to deal with a specific physical discomfort.
The number of points applied should be based on the person, if he did or not other treatments before, in particular, goes to heal. The first time we always start with a low dosage to see the degree of reaction that the person has towards the substance, then if they follow other treatments at a distance of not more than 1 month, the points should increase.

Prepared points and drunk the water, is applied to the kampos, supporting the secretion on the peeling caused by the previous burns. The kambò enter the blood stream via the lymphatic system. The effect is immediate, the body heats up, the heart beats fast, there is a lightness, and then the nausea that goes to cease, generally rejecting the drinking water previously.

Finished the cleaning cycle of the effects of the kampos, the stitches are removed and followed by a moment of relaxation in the patient in whom it is typical to enjoy an inner peace very deep. Generally, the time required for an individual session is about 1 hour but depending on how it works, the facilitator, you can also make 2 applications close in succession for a more thorough cleaning. After the application, and back at home, it is good to close the process with a shower or bath, and spend a quiet day with no commitments.

Kambo Karmarando
Il Kambo 5

How do you prepare for a session kampos ?

In the 3 days prior to the session to avoid red meat, fat, dairy products, refined sugars, heavy foods, avoiding or limiting the salt, and food with chemicals and additives. For best results also abstain from sex, and if you are a tobacco user, with a strong dependence on at least try to reduce the amount of cigarettes smoked on a daily basis.
On the day of treatment after the application to continue this diet for at least the same day.
Remember that fasting in the 9/12 hours earlier it is imperative for a good job.
To refrain absolutely from alcohol the day before, and do not drink citrus juice in the 24 hours prior to the application.
In the 5 days prior to the session, and for a few days after the kampos, avoid supplements and detox, enemas, and every form of practice that is likely to impoverish the level of sodium in your body. Not to drink absolutely and in these days of deionized water and do not drink more than 2 liters of water a day. If it is sports persons with a physical activity is very intense, which leads to sweat and drink a lot usually, it's better to slow down this activity in the days prior to and supplement the diet with electrolytes or supplements type Gatorade .

The Kambo is safe ?
The kampos, is 100% secure in the hands of a skilled and aware. We have been in the past in south america, of the deaths, but these are a very small number, and it is going to analyze the cases, the kampos was not the cause of death, but they were the health conditions of those who were subjected to treatment. This happens with all medicines, natural or pharmaceutical. There are always side-effects and is very important for those approaches to the treatment to the operator of their own problems, physical, or psychological. The kampos is not for everyone. If you go in south america, and you decide to undergo an application from a native tribe in the local pay a lot of caution as they are not taken the precautions of the western usage of this secretion.
In addition, the spread of the kampos in the west, is leading improvisation in this practice, make sure of the experience of the facilitator, and that this is prepared to let you live an experience in security.

Are there any contraindications ?
in the respect and safety of the people, the kampos can not be applied :

  • minors
  • in women who are pregnant or breast-feeding.
  • to people who have suffered in the past aunerisma or brain haemorrhage or occlusion of the veins or heart attack
  • subjects with plants cardiovascular bypass, peacemaker).
  • to persons subject to severe breathing problems.
  • people suffering from blood pressure problems (too high or too low), and taking medication for this condition.
  • persons suffering from serious mental (except depression)
  • of people affected by bipolar disorder
  • to people who may not fully understand the physical process that involves the application
  • people with wounds, external or internal, not yet healed completely (e.g. surgery)
  • people taking medicines genes of the immune system
  • a person suffering from a disease called “Addison's Disease”
  • people who suffer from a severe form of epilepsy
  • people who suffer from low levels of cortisol in the blood
  • to people who have used diuretics in the last period
  • People with asthma need to bring your inhaler.
  • Diabetics need to take their insulin strip test and the extra food.
  • The menstrual flow may increase in 24 to 36 hours after the treatment

It is a painful process ?

A session of kampos you can't define a walk but once familiar with the process there is nothing that cannot be overcome by force of will and the intent to enter into a profound process of physical purification. If you are sensitive subjects for which the vomiting is experienced at the level of phobic it is not advisable to undergo this vaccine as the rejection of oral water intake could be defined as essential, even if in part may be made for evacuation.
It should also be said that for people who lead a healthy lifestyle, with a higher energy than the average (type who practice consistently yoga and a healthy diet), the process can be much less annoying than the norm, while tolerating the effects of the rejection of the secretion and going to make it an experience that is more spiritual than physical.

How many sessions are needed ?

For the kampos there is no dosage defined, as it acts on the basis of the subject and the necessity that urges you to do the treatment. Usually after the first treatment you will see how the person reacts at once, and you decide what to do. As a first approach it is advisable to do at least 3 sessions to a maximum distance of 4 weeks of one another, to enter into full contact with the active ingredients of this remedy.
What should I expect after an application and long-term ?
The effects of kambò immediate (typically starting from the day after) are subjective and can last a few days or even up to 10 days, it all depends on the food habits and the life of the person undergoing the treatment. It is common for a general state of wellbeing, good humor, a calm mind, a state of attention pronounced, and sometimes even enjoy the energy bursting at the physical level. Long-term treatment of 3 applications in 2/3 months, typically considerably strengthens the immune system, preventing common diseases and still allowing you to dispose of them much faster than before. The long-term effect of the complete treatment is about 6 months, but you can also expand considerably over time.

The Kampos, depression and antidepressants

The sessions kampos give a deep cleaning at the level of toxins in the body and then at the level of energy. They are definitely a good help for depressed people, but alone may not be sufficient, since the effects of bioactive peptides such as dermorfina and the deltorfina last for some days and not for ever. The person who wants to cure his depression must also put a personal effort to break your patterns, maybe with a daily discipline (of the type of yoga or other eastern practices) and all this combined with the kampos can be really a turning point to your physical and mental state. There are no contraindications to anti-depressants of any kind. Anxiolytics can be a bit of cushioning the effect of the kampos in the session, but do not affect your benefits.

Kampos, drugs and medicine
Recalling that :

  • The kampos not a substitute for any form of medical practice.
  • The kampos is not a medicine recognized by the medical world.
  • Practitioners kampos are not doctorates ne doctors do not diagnose diseases, provide health advice.
  • The kampos is a ritual, shamanic, rain-forest, it is not a medical treatment.
    Please note that :
  • There are no known drugs with which the kampos conflict. Needs to be carefully assessed the suitability of the session in case of intake of drugs immunosuppressant and diuretics.
  • If you're submitting a medical treatment, this should not be suspended in order to undergo the application.
  • For patients under medical treatment for anxiety and/or depression, it is good that pc or smartphone know your psychiatrist of the intention to undergo the treatment.

The Kampos okay to detox from methadone ?

The sessions kampos by the sun, rise, gradually, the physical dependence to methadone (and other addictive substances), but not dependency, mental, where you need a strong spirit and will to win.
The number of applications kampos necessary for the detoxification depends on the quantity of methadone taken daily, and is still a fundamental part of the person undergoing the treatment, a strong determination mind in order to achieve that goal.

To derive the secretion how is it treated the frog ?
The kampos stick are manufactured by the tribe of the local indigenous of the Amazon.

The frog (see the type of frog )is captured, tied to stakes with laces on the four limbs and the secretion is removed from the surface of the skin with a stick of wood. After this process, the frog is released unharmed, and the secretion is formed in the space of a few days, for the frog could be defined as a process that is “stressful” . They say that this species is on the road to extinction, but for causes related to pollution and deforestation of the rainforest.

The Kampos is a hallucinogen ?

The kampos, which is listed in some countries as a substance psychedelic, but it is in the wide sense of the term, as the effects that such substance may lead to the psyche is limited to a good mood, mindfulness, and sometimes euphoria : that is, were absolutely ordinary consciousness than those obtained from a substance psychedelic in the strict sense. The kampos can produce an altered state of reality for a very short time in some people, and many receive insights on how to live a healthier life in the minutes of the process.

The kambò is it legal ?

The kambò is not illegal because today is not catalogued as a substance prohibited by Italian law and, in general, in the world. Contains as said of natural opiates very powerful , but the mode in which it is applied, it provides a dose tolerable exclude any risk of overdose. It is clear that like all other substances is to be human, to make it a responsible use and aware.

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