Yopo (Anadenanthera Peregrina)




Medicine power, a middle path between bufo alvarius, ayahuasca and rapé

Among all the enterogeni is the most special

The Yopo leads us out of love, allowing us to perceive the incondizionalità, on the one hand, and our limitations, on the other, as if we were in a room with two windows.
True love is not only erotic, but the yopo ec does appreciate in its best form!

The Yopo is a tool that care and do appreciate what it means to have a soul and be in touch with our spirit.


A remedy shamanic coming from Venezuela and Brazil that it surprised even the most seasoned connoisseurs of experiences with enteogeni.

If aspirated through the nose causes the expansion of consciousness and a therapeutic effect-spiritual surprising.
How to describe the orgasm cosmic without the sexual experience?

The Yopo is a natural remedy enteogeno of the origin and the use dates back to the Amazon in venezuela and brazil. It is prepared with the ground seeds of the plant Ananthethera Peregrina that, at the end of the preparation process, mixed with ashes and other seeds, then crushed, to obtain a thin powder suitable for inhalation.
You can eat it or with yopera or kuripe alone
On A chemical level the Yopo contains N-N-DMT, the active ingredient of Ayahuasca, but also contains 5-meo-DMT), present in the Bufo Alvarius (even if in the doses and concentrations that are much lower), it also contains Bufotenina.


There is no recorded case of death or repercussions psychotic caused by the consumption of Yopo.

There are many testimonies of people who, after the experience, they have received the first major input to begin a process of total liberation beliefs and self-limiting, which we imprison, leading many to get out of depression or addiction.
It is an excellent complement, perfect for any healing process, understanding, and transformation.

A further link in the chain of tools we have to solve our emotional problems and health, to be able to live in peace and fully.

The Yopo, you can do either by yourself or in a group, and in a group allows us to understand the other, and therefore it is ideal for couples who want to compare and do a alabor prodfond together..Clearly your own, at home should be Done with in an appropriate manner that may be required under the post or the administrator.

The Yopo is a natural remedy enteogeno of the origin and the use dates back to the Amazon in venezuela and brazil.

It is prepared with the ground seeds of the plant Ananthethera Peregrina, cooked and mixed with other substances to activate the active ingredients (freebase) of DMT, which is naturally present in our body (especially active at birth and at death, in the pineal), but that we no longer know how to exploit it.

To activate the yopo Is necessary for a substance with a MAOI, caapi or chacruna or mimosa, or harmala.
The experience begins 5 minutes after inhalation. The body begins to warm up and it feels paths by a pleasant tingling sensation. The physical awareness is more acute, and may arise from a general malaise that invitaa cleanse the body by vomiting, which has as its purpose is to purify and to unlock the energy channels.

It is then that they begin the visions, all of which have the goal of breaking the mechanisms that support the structure of the thoughts, giving rise to a feeling of confusion, a critical aspect for opening up new areas of perception.

One of the wonderful effects of Yopo is the annihilation momentary masks and characters that we play in everyday life, so that you can see our true face, and what we are.

The experience with the Yopo immerses us in an immeasurable feeling of gratitude and understanding. Supports us in the process of discovery of ourselves, of others and of life, with eyes full of love. Only Love is pure, erotic, we can really get to know who we are, where we come from and where we're headed.

But in this material life is full of influences us, we often forget this. In this sense, these plants help to recover the memory, for this it is necessary a discharge of energy in the mind, as if a train irrompesse normality.

As reported by one of our facilitators:

“When I tried the Yopo for the first time, it was as if I had put a grenade in the brain, exploding did fade away all the characters (ed, thus enabling me to have access to the mystery of what they are”.
According to experts, Yopo is very strange that such a moment of rupture memories after the experience, it happens but no one remembers, and is the time during which the yield or rupture patterns soggioganti.

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