Rapé dell’Amazzonia


Rapé, powders powerful that release the brain from loads and blocks

THE Rapé format from mapacho and the ashes of the sacred plants of the Amazon.

Totally natural addition that goes through the airway high, from the nose to the channel of the pineal gland, allowing the opening of the crown.

The Rapé is a tool of the holy medicine of origin, the astral and the ancestral, guarded with love and handed down by our ancestors, our grandparents of the jungle have used and benefited from this tool/medicine since the beginning of time, and today we reach the memory of the original and renewed for this wonderful gift.

This form of medicine is prepared from the subsequent grinding and sieving of the medicinal plants, barks, and the ashes made by the sacred fire, and a thin vein of alchemy.

Medicines are processed until a very fine powder that you can feel the crystals of the plants.

Il Rapé, can be prepared with one or more herbal medicines and also minerals, whereas the presence of the “grandfather mapacho” helps you make the order, integrate and balance our energy and to cleanse the pineal gland, to direct it with a specific purpose. At the same time, the rape of a door to the spirit and the universe, helping to awaken the purity that is in us.

The rape is blown out with a cane in each nostril, balancing the two hemispheres of the brain, our feminine side and masculine, the yin and the yang, and then in the heart, in the centre. To receive the medicine we need to be receptive, still, with the intention to receive peace and love and hold your breath.The closure of the glottis (by placing the tongue above the soft palate) to avoid that the dust falls to the throat and the bronchial tubes.

The shot helps us to heal the individualism and reminds us that we need the other, some medicines are taken by themselves and others they are received from the hands of a brother or a sister.The best thing is to do it in two certainly with the tool called Tepi, but you can do it by yourself with the Kuripe.

Who blows the holy medicine must be centered and empty, as empty as a stick, aligned, without putting anything of himself and just be a channel, a brother with a gesture, knowing that the work is carried out by grandparents. In this way, anyone who receives the blow can be the medicine, put yourself in their hands, such as grandparents we put in our.

In case you do it by yourself, the same thing you do with expectations, but simply think of love and peace.

The dose is get to make the size of a pea to the nostril, the frequency is usually 1, 2 times per day on the basis of need, usually morning on an empty stomach in order to have a wonderful day and night before going to sleep to make beautiful dreams, the quality makes the difference, and in particular the attention of the heart that we pay at the moment.The Turnip is a spirit that is thin and also teaches us to be refined and fine.

THE Rapé is the medicine in the air. In one shot we receive the blessing of the Breath of the Wind, universal source of energy, which clear our perception, it clears the mind and opens the channels of higher energy, to connect with the higher part of our being.

The power Plants and medicines help to rid entities, parasites, energy, contamination and interference of the inner dialogue. After receiving a shot of the medicine, it rises by cleaning, sorting, and by aligning our energy field, in particular the centers or the third eye chakra, and crown, and from there you go up and down along the spine, and the Tree of Life. By opening the heart, filling him with love coming from the source, without the hacking To others.

Rape Is also used as medicine for the body, which helps to expel mucus and parasites from the frontal sinuses and para. Eliminates headaches, stuffy nose, and dizziness, because it decompresses the pressure of the skull. It is also an excellent healing influenza, and natural antibiotic and healing of wounds, especially those that contain sage and lavender.Also, synchronize, align, and amplify the perception, opening up channels of astral crando transition in the ritual.

Rapè Is also a medicine for the vision of the spirit, which helps us to free the mind and to stop the internal dialogue, to be truly present to be able to see beyond our own interpretations.

We will go in the next article to learn how to use, but before I conclude the list some of the advantages of using the rapé

It helps to eliminate the phlegm, and the parasites of the frontal sinuses para and nasal passages.

It helps to clear the mind and stop the internal dialogue.

Applied on wounds has wound-healing, and antibiotic.

Decompresses the pressure of the skull.

Removes the parasites and cleans the intestines.

Eliminates headaches, drowsiness and dizziness.

Remove the excess of phlegm accumulated.

Promotes the peristaltic movement of the bowel.

It allows to understand what is meditation on a conscious level.

It cleans all the dirt and grime from years, which is the cause of problems such as sinusitis, and migraine.

Cleans, sorts and aligns the fields of energy, especially chakras third eye / head: up and down from those through the spinal column.

It is medicine for the visibility of the spirit.

Allows you to reach a state of meditation, very deep.

Allows you to be present to be able to look beyond their own interpretations.

It is very effective in the treatment of problems of the respiratory system and the digestive. Many people take care of their sinusitis and rhinitis with this Medicine, making them immune disease of the respiratory system. It is very powerful, even in treatments of the digestive system.

Energeticamente cura in modo diretto paure, ansie e altre energie connesse al plesso solare: se causa vomito è perché la persona sta eliminando le energie dense accumulate.

It is also a potent analgesic for pain in the head and the body.

It is soothing and antipyretic.

Powder Powerful That it Frees The Brain From Loads And Blocks, from fear and shame, giving the energy, the presence, concentration and centering, expand consciousness and open the heart, bringing insights deep on things to do, attracting abundance and happiness and fulfillment.

We can offer you assistance on the rapé

What part of rapè that you can do it from six years and up, and this says it all!

You can find all the articles of the rape on the Our Store.

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